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How to Spot a Bad Tenant Before Occupying Your Investment Property

There is nothing worse than having a bad tenant occupy your investment property. Chances are they will destroy it, not worry about expenses in repair and probably squat for a month or two then leave you some serious loss. It may be challenging to separate the good from the bad, but with the help of Team Realty’s property management team, your worries are sorted. We ensure the kind of tenant you’d consider good lives in your investment property for as long as they can and your ROI (return on investment) records profits always.

Team Realty considers all tenants equal during application, and then uses the following steps to ensure your property management is done correctly and the right tenant is selected. We know your number one concern is the income you get from your investment property, and so we ensure a background check on the tenant’s income and rent payment is good plus their credit scores are clear on record. This history helps us determine the best occupant for your investment property where payment will not be an issue at any time.

Aside from doing a background check on the tenant, we also secure a deposit that is equal to first month rent and have a lease agreement signed to protect both your investment property from being damaged and your monthly payments to always come through. Team Realty property management has your best interests at heart, by working to ensure tenancy agreements and occupation in your investment property is nothing but perfect.

As a landlord, our property management team works with you to engage the tenant and find out why they wish to move. This helps build a relationship among all parties involved and can be a good move towards determining whether you’ve picked the right tenant. We also like to take our landlords through the whole process so they get acquainted with the occupants in their investment property. The last thing we want is a bad tenant occupying your property so we do our best to give you nothing short of perfection.

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