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Self-Managing Your Rental Property

If hiring a property management company is not your plan, then be ready to get busy because managing your own property is not going to be as simple as ABC. Hiring a property manager is attached to costs and fees, and so choosing to be individually involved in the management is a cost-saving decision but one that comes with a lot of commitment both in terms of time and money.


The first thing is to get yourself insured. There are landlord insurances that  protect you from financial loss and obligations associated with rentals. A homeowner’s insurance mostly covers a homeowner living in their property and may not be sufficient to cover you as a landlord. In addition, make certain that your tenant has their own renters insurance policy to be on the safe side.


A legal lease is another important document to have. It clearly defines the expectations of both the landlord and tenant agreed upon by signing. Make sure that you review the lease with your tenant of choice before signing for same page agreement purposes. It is also a good practice to have a lawyer that is familiar with the landlord-tenant laws go through your lease to ensure it responses well to the laws of the state. A good grip of knowledge on the tenant and landlord laws will keep you away from being sued and facing the law so take the time to know what binds you to the local regulations and compliance of state laws.


Self-managing your rental property will mean creating time for property maintenance and performing regular inspections. If you conduct regular inspections, you’re able to identify issues that need immediate attention and keep your tenants in check. Maintaining your property makes it habitual for your renters and may result in the signing of long-term contracts. As a property renter, tax obligations are a must and this is an expense you cannot overlook. Make sure you have a good system for keeping records so that it would be an easy process during tax time.


If self-managing your property becomes a bigger challenge that you’re unable to handle, leave it to the experts and find the right property management company to handle your rental properties on your behalf. Have a good standing with other real estate investors that are self-managing to get more ideas on how to handle your property.

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