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The Importance of a Lease in Your Rental Property

As a landlord, handling a rental property is not easy especially when the agreement was made verbally or face-to-face with the tenant. The issue of whether rent should be paid by a certain date and who is responsible for repairs will keep recurring since there are no set regulations. If you’re not sure how to come up with a lease that protects you, ask for help from a property management company like Team Realty, where we believe in creating a lease that is perfect for your rental property.


Below are the reasons on why you need a lease that will help you understand why an expert’s help is necessary:


To protect yourself from liability


Team Realty and Investment Solutions offers property management services to landlords renting out their spaces for this reason. We wish to protect you as a landlord from liabilities related to renting a home. We make sure your lease is compliant to the laws and regulations of Florida, keep everything clear on what you are responsible for as well as what your tenant is responsible for. We understand that laws change regularly and for this reason our team is always updating leases to ensure we keep you off Florida courts.


To keep you off tenant’s problems


Property management for us is ensuring you do not suffer for your tenant’s mistakes and problems. If your tenant is unable to pay rent because they lost their job or they have other issues, this should not end up being your problem. Your lease is clear on when rent should be paid and what late payment means for the tenant. You are assured of a constant submission of rent and tenants that understand what the lease means if they do not go by it.


Payment of deposits


As a landlord, having a lease that secures your investment should not be taken for granted. Our property management is keen on ensuring your deposits are paid and clearly stated in exact amounts on the lease. We keep it clear on how the state of your house should be when a tenant intends to move out so that in case of any damages they are able to take care of that before relocating. Our aim is to keep you off as many disputes as we can so that you can enjoy your rental property.

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