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Tips On How to Reduce Energy Consumption in Your Home

Energy consumption is one way homeowners are suffering from high expenditure. Although consumption of energy cannot be avoided, simple steps towards conserving energy costs and consumption can help homeowners save a lot.   Make good use of the weather by allowing your heaters and air conditioners to rest while opening windows to allow for natural air flowing through to your home. This is a simple and easy way to sa
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High-Rise Building Condominium Management Challenges and Solutions

Managing a condominium in a high-rise building poses a lot of challenges compared with any other condominium community management elsewhere. There are specific needs that work for a highrise building which may not be considered important for a normal community, and such bring out unique challenges that a HOA management needs to really consider.   Fire safety is a major security concern in high-rise buildings. The H
A father and son working together to install plywood over windows in preparation for a hurricane.

DIY Tips on Hurricane Protection for Your Property

As a property management company, we believe in taking actions towards helping our tenants go through a hurricane season without feeling ambushed or stressed. Our main goal is to ensure we provide a coverage of services that can be accessed when utilities are down. We also communicate frequently to ensure we give our tenants updates on how far off the storm is, the conditions of the roads in the neighborhood, and disaster updates if any.   Read More...
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A HOA Regular Maintenance Practice That Cuts Costs on Major Repairs

Community associations are more likely to suffer from huge cost repairs if a regular maintenance is not observed. There are projects that need to be redone more frequently as need arises which may save an association a lot of money if properly maintained , repaired or worked on when time comes without postponing.   Painting a HOA community not only gives it life but keeps it in good condition. A HOA community that
Worker installs bearing laths on the truss system

What Are the Precautions When Installing a New HOA Roof?

Having a new roof installed into your home is a big deal. There could be many reasons leading to the replacement of your roof such as an upgrade, initial bad installations, leakages, an old and rusty roof and so on. This is an exciting period, but a lot of caution needs to be taken to ensure the replacement is done successfully. If you are a HOA homeowner, there are things to take into consideration before beginning the whole replacement process.   Ther
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The Use of Reserve Funds in a Homeowners Association

Reserve funds in an association is an account that is used to maintain and repair common elements. These funds are not intended to add anything new to an association or the normal day to day maintenance. In other terms, reserve funds are put in place to avoid special assessments that may come as a burden to homeowners and cause political unrest to board members of a common unit development. A reserve funds HOA account should be determined by the number of ameni
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Looking Back into Some of 2015’s Best Investment Real Estate Sales in South Florida

Investors in South Florida seem to be keenly looking into buying shopping malls, offices, and hotels that are performing well. Some of the malls that had not performed years back are now selling at high prices, having been renovated and restructured to meet the current needs of residents. Looking at the data compiled from information companies in South Florida, find out some of the biggest investments closed last year in South Florida below.   Read More...
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Managing Change in Your HOA in a Positive Way

It is tough to adjust to a new home adjustment, new rules, or new managements in a HOA, which makes it more difficult for the board to implement change. Below are some tips on how to ensure changes in the community are accepted without causing panic or resentment, especially towards the board in charge.   Establishing trust among the unit owners, the HOA management, and board of directors simplifies the process of

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