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The Advantages of Property Valuation in Real Estate

Real estate property transactions would be unbearable without regulations. Since it contributes so much to a nation’s economy, proper guidelines on property valuation and management is a good step towards normalizing the real estate market. Investors, businesses, and the government itself are able to make informed decisions on property transactions due to these regulations, combined with other advantages such as: Property valuation helps the lending industry fight and prevent fraud. Wit
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The Right Questions to Ask When Choosing an Insurance Policy for Your Vacation Home

Your homeowner’s policy or personal liability coverage does not in any way cover your vacation rental property. This means the rental policy comes as a different package, and knowing the right questions to ask when looking for one will help you make the right choice.   It's important to know whether an insurance considers your vacation property a business or commercial activity. This helps you know how comprehen
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Hottest Neighborhoods to Look out for in 2016

There is a high possibility that most homeowners believe if a house has an ocean view, is near amenities or tourist attractions, is in a high-end area or in a gated community, then most likely this is the best home to invest in despite the amount of millions of dollars that one would have to part with. One, because it will continue to appreciate in value, and two, it is a Palm Beach home dream come true. While this may be true, real estate in the Palm Beach County
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Self-Managing Your Rental Property

If hiring a property management company is not your plan, then be ready to get busy because managing your own property is not going to be as simple as ABC. Hiring a property manager is attached to costs and fees, and so choosing to be individually involved in the management is a cost-saving decision but one that comes with a lot of commitment both in terms of time and money.   The first thing is to get yourself in
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The Importance of a Lease in Your Rental Property

As a landlord, handling a rental property is not easy especially when the agreement was made verbally or face-to-face with the tenant. The issue of whether rent should be paid by a certain date and who is responsible for repairs will keep recurring since there are no set regulations. If you're not sure how to come up with a lease that protects you, ask for help from a property management company like Team Realty, where we believe in creating a lease that is perfec
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Association Liability Concerns on Natural Threats for Florida Communities

If an association is negligent of natural threats in the community that are likely to cause injury, then they are held liable for the risk of injury. There are known, but hidden dangers in communities that associations, as property owners, know of. If invitees or licensees such as contractors are allowed into the property without any warnings of predictable danger, associations are deemed to be negligent. The property owner, who in this case is the association, sh
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How to Spot a Bad Tenant Before Occupying Your Investment Property

There is nothing worse than having a bad tenant occupy your investment property. Chances are they will destroy it, not worry about expenses in repair and probably squat for a month or two then leave you some serious loss. It may be challenging to separate the good from the bad, but with the help of Team Realty’s property management team, your worries are sorted. We ensure the kind of tenant you’d consider good lives in your investment property for as long as they can and your ROI (return on
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What to Look Out for in a Commercial Building Inspection

A commercial building inspection is important because as a real estate investor, you have to know the value of a property before getting into a purchasing agreement with the seller. It is best conducted by a qualified inspector or property manager who understands how expensive a commercial investment is and how important it is in the decision-making process. Commercial properties are such as apartment complexes, office buildings, warehouses, factories, manufacturi

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